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Crowdfunding - Garment Necklaces

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Crowdfunding: Our garment idea in necklaces



Your fashion style. Told in jewelry

Taking Inspriration from outfit collocation and we turn it into a designed, one-of-a-kind pice of jewelry

How different ?

Just like the clothes in your closet, the pendant on our hangers necklaces can be taken off and exchanged at any time. To make yourself different every day.


Material: 925 Sterling Silver.
Color: Silver.
Pendant Size: 18 mm.
Chain Length: 24 inch (61cm).

Special Editions

we added a few special editions to the collection especially for the Crowdfunding release:
1.Custom words or names on the back side, making your piece of jewelry that much more special.
2.An extra 20 inch chain for bonus.

Packaging is part of the story

Each garment necklace piece created will come individually packaged in a beautifully designed gift box.


Why Crowdfunding?

We Like Personality, We Like Special.
So We Decided To Do Something Innovative.
Through this Crowdfunding campaign we'll be able to collect enough pre-ordered garment necklaces to start production. Your support will also help us continue the development of the technology, making it more efficient and scalable.


We greatly appreciate your support and we are excited to get INSPIRE SERIES to you! You will be able to make your jewelry selections after the campaign ends, for now you are welcome to choose your reward:



Interested in writing about this project? Please feel free to email us directly at or leave a message if you have any questions. 


Sharing is caring 

Know someone who would be just as excited as you are about our garment necklaces? 
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How we got here

For the past few years, we've been turning garment idea into jewelry. we started with a collection based on vintage clothing from different countries while keeping the price very affordable. After over a year of development, and an experimental pilot that brought to life the most beautiful designs, we found we had already fall in love with garment design necklaces. we can’t wait to share it with the Crowdfunding campaign and share the process of creation.


Thank you 

Thanks so much for taking the time to find out about artemisee garment necklaces.
Please back and share, together we can tell a story about the whole world!


To Be Artemisee

To Be Different.

Brand: Artemisee® (ATMS).
Product Type: Garment-Inspired Jewelry
Material: 925 Sterling Silver.
Color: Silver.

Pendant Size: 18 mm.
Chain Length: 24 inch (61cm).